S650 Mustang (2024)

Street Legal. Track Ready.

Offerto come: Optional

The redesigned interior features four distinct detailed themes, including color-matched seatbelts and stitching. Get a tailored look to match your style - right from the factory.

High-end materials are a real selling point for this 2024Mustang. Anodized silver paddle shifters come in the 10-speed automatic version. The steering wheel is also wrapped in performance suede, while the electronic drift brake comes wrapped in leather. The lever itself is also fully anodized. Dinamica suede features in the center of the optional RECARO Automotive seats to help improve lateral grip.


  • Leather and suede trim cover materials
  • Fine top-stitching detail
  • Integrated headrest for pure performance styling
  • Steel reinforced back with lightweight, manually adjustable driver and passenger seats

Dark Horse Option:

  • Specially bolstered Recaro seats with Deep Indigo Blue bolsters
  • Bright Indigo Blue accent stitching
  • Black Dinamica suede in the center for improved lateral grip
  • Deep Indigo Blue seatbelts and distinctive seat perforations with blue accents

Fastback Option:

  • Race-Inspired Recaro Seats with Integrated Head Rest
  • Reinforced Bolstering At Shoulder, Back, and Thigh Areas
  • High-Grade Breathable Leather
  • Recline-able with Manual Adjustments
Materiali di rivestimento: Leather

North America

Al produttore (Pictures: Ford)

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